I Teach: Ski - Alpine
Home Mountain: Blue Mountain (PA) (Palmerton, PA)
Years Teaching:8.2
Years at Blue Mountain (PA):8.2
Certifications: PSIA Alpine Level I, AASI Snowboard Level I, PSIA Nordic Level I, PSIA-AASI Adaptive Level I, PSIA-AASI Freestyle Accreditation Level I, PSIA-AASI Children Specialists Level I ME in Art Education
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Has it been a while since your skied? Feeling rusty? Are you apprehensive? Maybe you had a negative skiing experience in the past? Let me guide you on a fun and empowering experience on the snow! I will help you learn the basic skills of skiing at a comfortable pace in a safe and supportive environment. Children, adults, boys and girls...come ski with Stephanie! I am a certified public educator currently teaching at Davinci Science Center. I am also a ceramic artist and equestrian. I reply to all email enquiries. Please check your spam folder. Thanks!


Jeremy Smale Beginner in (7 months ago)
I'm just starting out skiing with my son who has already taken some lessons and has a much better understanding of what he's doing. Stephanie was great. She kept him going with harder to master lessons while at the same time taught me the basics. She was always smiling and made us feel like we were going to meet a friend, a friend that would remind you when your form is off, instead of an instructor. We were very lucky that we could spend our group time with her for multiple weeks and made sure to search her out every time we were there. I can't thank her enough for being so patient with me when nerves slowed the process down and pushing me to try new things each time we were out.

Jordan Nonnemaker Intermediate in (7 months ago)
She was great. I was part of a group lesson and she was able to keep me challenged while still working with the beginners in the group too. Very happy the whole time and never let up on making sure I was working on my form the whole time.

Aspen Jones Beginner in (9 months ago)
With a name like mine (Aspen) and living in Maine for most of my life, one would think I would be the one teaching the lesson. So far from the truth! As of last winter I have only been down hill skiing twice. The first time I had the honor and privilege to have a private lesson with Stephanie. Before we even got to the mountain I knew I was in good hands. She had me get into the boots just to get a feel for them, where to put my weight, how to shift my weight etc... After getting to the mountain, the rest of the lesson was amazing! from beginning to end! I never felt like I was in danger, she was patient (even when I was acting like a five year old), and encouraging and I never felt like I was being rushed or pushed to do something I didn&#39t feel comfortable doing. I would highly recommend Stephanie Spencer to anyone!

Dawn Agran Beginner in (9 months ago)
When I was a teenager, my only skiing experience left me traumatized. I had pretty much vowed to NEVER ski again. I'm so glad I put my faith into Stephanie. She is experienced, knowledgeable, informative and tremendously patient.

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